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At Gateway Academy, we believe that every student has a creative voice that should be nurtured and that theatre offers a powerful means of creative expression with the ability to transform individuals and communities. The McAndless Family Award for Excellence recognizes students training in theatre and performing arts who demonstrate the potential to make a difference and best exemplify Creativity, Courage, Connection. 

With the generous support of the McAndless Family Foundation, we are pleased to recognize recipients with a financial scholarship distributed as follows:

  • 2 recipients in Level C (13 to 18 years old)
  • 3 recipients in Level B (10 to 13 years old)

The Award winners are selected, based on the merits of their application, and will be notified by September 1.

You are invited to apply if you are:
A). 10 years of age or older as of September 17, 2019
B). Enrolled as a full-time student in elementary, secondary, or post-secondary studies. 
C). A registered student for the upcoming Academy year and have a minimum of 8 months of prior Academy instruction
     A secondary school graduating student with a minimum of 2 years of Academy instruction. 

To Apply
1). Complete the Scholarship Application form
2). Optional: Provide a letter of support from teachers or coaches who are familiar with your interest and experience in performing arts
3). Email application and support letter to by August 25, 2019

For any questions, please contact Ruth McIntosh at or 604-247-4975.